GLOBAL TREASURES: Thailand (Si Satchanalai)

GLOBAL TREASURES: Thailand (Si Satchanalai)


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Global Treasures: Si Satchanalai
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

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Global Treasures - History's Most Protected Monuments - Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa's Serengeti, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Baroque cathedrals of Latin America make up our world's heritage. Join us as we explore one of these protected monuments.

Around 420 kilometres from the Thai metropolis of Bangkok, in the far north of the central plains, is the legendary city of Si Satchanalai. Today, only sad ruins testify to the splendor of the former twin city and ancient capital of Sukhothai.

However, after Si Satchanalai had lain in ruins for many centuries, some areas of the city were restored by teams of dedicated archaeologists.

The city dates back to the 13th century, and at that time, Si Satchanalai was the official residence of the viceroy of Thailand's first important kingdom during the Sukhothai Period.

The Wat Chang Lom Temple is one of the most remarkable sanctuaries in the heart of the old city. The builder of this temple site was one of the most famous rulers of Sukhothai, King Ramkhamhaeng.

Close to the river banks of the Menam Yom is the great Laterite Prang that was originally built in early Khmer design and was later embellished with stucco work. This cult building is the most important attraction of the Wat Chao Chan.

Later, Si Satchanalai lost its political influence. Shortly after this, the people began to vacate their city, leaving not only their fine statues but also the place that they loved.

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