WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2011 - Fellini, Jazz and Co. (Chailly)

WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2011 - Fellini, Jazz and Co. (Chailly)


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- (Disc 1)

Rota, Nino - Composer
Lincke, Paul - Composer

Venue: Waldbuhne, Berlin
Date of Concert: 23-08-2011
Playing Time: 01:45:26
Television Director: Kasten, Henning
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5840

The Waldbuhne in Berlin, one of the most appealing outdoor ampitheatres on the European continent, is the home of the Berliner Philharmoniker's summer concerts. With audiences of more than 20,000, these are some of the most popular classical music concerts in the world. Riccardo Chailly is famous for having one of the broadest and most eclectic repertoires. Here, under his baton, the orchestra presents perennial favourites by Shostakovich, Rota and Respighi.

Part 1

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