JANACEK, L.: Jenufa (Liceu, 2005)

JANACEK, L.: Jenufa (Liceu, 2005)


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Jenufa, JW I/4
Composer: Janacek, Leos
Libretto/Text Author: Janacek, Leos
Libretto Source: Preissova, Gabriela

Kostelnicka Buryjovka: Marton, Eva
Laca Klemen: Silvasti, Jorma
Pastuchnyna: Marais, Carole
Starenka Buryjovka: Cortez, Viorica
Steva Buryja: Lindskog, Par

Set/Stage Designer: Schlossmann, Frank Philipp
Lighting Designer: Toelstede, Hans
Stage Director: Tambosi, Olivier
Television Director: D'Agostino, Pietro

Date of Production: 02-06-2005
Venue: Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona
Playing Time: 02:07:33
Catalogue Number: DVWW-OPJENU
UPC: 824121002244


Jenufa tells a heartbreaking story of rural life in the 19th century: a baby is killed to protect a young girl's honour. This tragedy befalls the family of the old miller, the Grandmother Buryjovka, a respected figure in a small country village. The pressure of the extremely closed, morally repressive and hypocritical society leads the protagonists to inexorably holding to such traditional values as honour and respect, no matter what the costs.

The production, sung in the original Czech, was directed by French-Austrian opera director Olivier Tambosi. His version of the work was first produced at the Metropolitan Opera New York in 2003 to high acclaim and was revived there at the beginning of 2007. In 2005 it was staged in Barcelona's Gran Teatre del Liceu – once again proving the opera house to be Spain's most successful and internationally renowned stage.

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