COSMOS GLOBAL: Libya (Tripolitania)

COSMOS GLOBAL: Libya (Tripolitania)


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Cosmos Global: Tripolitania
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-153
UPC: 883629688930

At first sight, there are few traces of ancient Tripolitania, located in what is now northwest Libya, but it once had the three great cities of Sabratha, Leptis Magna, and Oea. Oea was built on the site that is now modern Tripoli and dates back to the 7th century BC, when Tripolitania was an important trading center for the Carthaginians.

As much as anything else, it is the local plants, majestic palm trees and impressive cacti that give Tripoli its Mediterranean atmosphere. Clearly, the influence of the sea is only present close to the coast, as a few kilometres inland is endless desert.

An eye-catching landmark that dates back to the time of the corsairs is the Citadel in Tripoli's harbor. The Arabs enlarged the original Byzantine complex to a fortress, and for a short spell the city fell into the hands of the Spanish.

Sabratha is the youngest of the three great cities of Tripolitania. Thanks to much restoration work, the Theatre is one of the most impressive architectural monuments of this once legendary trading city. The restored façade of the Roman stage building is one of the most beautiful to be seen anywhere. Columns of green-white Cipollino marble with artistic capitols underline the extraordinary architectural charm of Sabratha's ancient theatre.

Around 120 kilometres east of Tripoli is Tripolitania's third ancient metropolis of Leptis Magna, a unique excavation site. The oldest finds in Leptis Magna were made in a Punic cemetery that had been built on by the Romans. Under the rule of Carthage, Leptis Magna became an important trading metropolis until it fell into the hands of the Numidians.

The remains of the legendary Tripolitania of antiquity continue to inspire even today and are proof of a great and golden epoch.

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