COSMOS GLOBAL: Africa (Hadendoa)

COSMOS GLOBAL: Africa (Hadendoa)


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Cosmos Global: Hadendoa
Proll, Eric - Producer

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-102
UPC: 883629300429

Enormous caravan trains once traversed the Sahara Desert that extends for 9 million square kilometers and is the largest desert in the world.

Just a few kilometers beyond Sudan's metropolis of Khartoum in Omdurman is the splendid burial place of the famous 19th-century Islamic leader Al Mahdi, one of the most important exponents of Sufism. It was also Al Mahdi who invaded Khartoum, a city founded by the Egyptians that was later ruled by the British.

In the 19th century, the infamous warriors of the Hadendoa people were also the courageous soldiers of Al Mahdi's army. Today, they live in the environs of the Red Sea Mountains, where the camel is the only means of transport.

Those traveling across the Sahara have always had to cope with the savage climate of the desert, and in ancient times, as well as today, the overwhelming heat zaps the strength of both man and beast, as the daytime temperature can reach a scorching 55º C (131º F).

At the foot of the mountain range that we must cross in order to travel deep into the homeland of the Hadendoa, we meet a group of wood gatherers. In addition to the trading of camels and goats, the gathering and selling of wood is one of the main sources of income for this unique nomadic people.

Without a sound, several mounted Hadendoa warriors have approached us. The atmosphere is anything but relaxed and our uncertainty seems to please the warriors who, mounted on camels, are truly menacing. In the past, the British army also experienced the wrath of these people. The looks on the faces of the Hadendoa further increases the tension. Finally, after what seems like several minutes, we tentatively step forward. In broken Arabic, we try to explain to the warriors that we have journeyed far to meet them. Our initial skepticism is replaced by a long and amicable handshake with their leader that sets our fears to rest.

Surrounded by the desert and the Red Sea Mountains and cut off from most of the influences of modern civilization, the legendary Hadendoa tribe has somehow managed to maintain its unique cultural identity and freedom.

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